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Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea
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WD Series Side Entry Mixer


WD Series Side Entry Mixers.



WD Series Side Entry Mixers

Woojin developed two types of side entry mixers for the absorber reaction tank of the FGD process : WDSZ100 Series for the Square tank, and WDRZ100 Series for the round tank.

Woojin WD Series Mixers driven by direct driving type gear boxes, are designed to cope with the condition of slurry in the reaction tank. Impellers and shafts are made of the super stainless steel with high resistance against abrasion and corrosion. With side range of power,  2.2KW ~ 45 KW (3.0 HP ~ 4.5 HP), WD Series Mixers will meet your needs at optimal torque.

Impellers for the large absorber reaction tanks are designed to guarantee high efficiency operation at most suitable tip speed for the process with high pumping power and low energy consumption.


Woojin supplies quaranteed products designed and manufactured on the basis of conceivable flow application analysis and dynamics structure analysis through the computation analysis of multiphase flow and finite element method analysis.


WD Series Side Entry Mixers Information

-The side entry mixer of gear driving system is so developed as to be designed to cope with the conditions of slurry and fluid in the reaction tank.

-Super stainless Steel with high resistance against abrasion and corrosion is selected as the basic material for impellers and shafts.

-The impeller, the most important factor in agitation process, is designed to assure high efficiency operation at optimum tip speed.

-The pumping power generated at impeller is high while energy consumption is low

-The mechanical seal system of bearing type allows axial and radial movement of shaft within adequate limits.

-Silicon carbide, with high chemical stability and strong anti-abrasion property, is used for the surface of the seal.

-Main material is duplex or metal alloy with high anti-abrasion and anti-corrosion property.

-Cartridge type design anables easy disassenbly for maintenance work .


Mechanical Seal

Woojin Mixer's mechanical seal system is of bearing type. It enables axial and radical movement of the shaft to cover suitable run out. Silicon carbide with high chemical stability and strong anti-abrasion property is used for the seal surface. The body material is duplex or metal alloy of high-anti-abrasioin and anti-corrosion. The cartridge type design is for easy disassembling during maintenance work. Simple open and close operation of shut off device enables its assembling and disassembling.