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Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea
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Hydrofoil Impeller


Hydrofoil Impeller

Hydrofoil Impeller


Optimizing mixing xyxtem needs an application technology of impeller, it depends on design. Woojin agitator's impeller design covers from simple flat blade to axial flow hydrofoil blade.

But the best one is hydrofoil blade. It will be applied any kind of mixing process of water plant.

The design of hydrofoil impeller were developed by Woojin Co., Ltd. for 3 yeard from 1999 tp 2001.


Special quality, Woojin Hydrofoil Impeller has

Low Power Number (Np=0.3)

High Pumping Number (Nq=0.6)

High Efficiency fluid dynamic by low power during operation

Keeping uniform concentration of mixed materials in basin fluid.


For Anoxic and Anaerobic Tank

The agitators can be used for removal of Nitrogen & Phosphorus in the advanced waste water-treatment. They are the best appropriate agitators for the advanced waste water-treatment floating sludge sediment without inflow of oxygen.


For Flocculation

They are the best appropriate mixers for the advanced water-treatment with the optimum conditions for the coaqulant in the chemical sedimentation.


How to optimize the Design of Mixers

CFD (Computation Fluid Dynamic) has the widest range of physical models available in the industry, letting you simulate almost any conceivable flow application.

FEM is the method of choice in all types of analysis in structure mechanics (i.e. solving for deformation and stresses in solid bodies or dynamics of structures)

PIV (particle Image Velocimetry) system provide two or three-dimensional velocity maps in flows using whole field techniques based on imaging the light scattered by small particles in the flow illuminated by a laser light sheet.


The Efficiency of Energy Saving

This impeller desing has tremendous potential for applications with high and constant mixing levels. The design of impeller should maximize pumping capacity at any level of mixer energy input. The Hydrofoil Impeller is ideal for any large mixing application requiring high flow. Pohang wastewater treatment plant treats 168,000 tons of wastewater per day. The plant aimed at energy saving of 30KW from the previous designed power.

We performed the pilot test at our lab for the project, and designed four blade neo-hydrofoil impeller with low speed RPM.

 The Pilot test showed the power could be saved 26% from the previous designed power .